Tile Marble Makes a Royal Statement in Your Home

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tile marbleWhether it's sprucing the place up for a potential sale or simply showing off your home in the most stylish light, everyone wants a touch of elegance reflected in their interior design. There are many ways to alter the appearance of one's abode and they all come down to personal style and preference. Ideas such as painting the walls or changing light fixtures can get messy and perhaps even be dangerous. Many people today are looking for a simple, timeless solution which will look as good in their home 10 years from now as it looks today. Marble is an excellent consideration when it comes time for renovations and can be the solution to your updating needs.
Marble is a beautiful natural stone which comes in a wide variety of colours and textures. The wispy patterns lend an air of playfulness while the thick, chalky matte finish whispers of a timeless elegance. As well as being used for countertops and sinks, marble also makes for a gorgeous floor and can even be fashioned into wall tiles providing a wonderful backdrop for the kitchen sink and stove. Marble can also be used inside the shower where its beauty can be observed sparkling in the water and sunlight. One of the most advantageous benefits of using marble is its ability to take on colour. Through a process of transparent staining, this stone will readily bond with any colour used, meaning that the traditional marble with its milky white texture can be changed to reflect tones of blue, purple, or even bright red!
Marble is a natural stone formed from sedimentary rock that is crushed under immense pressure over an extended period of time and can also contain lines of clay, quartz, sand and other similar substances which help create its signature swirling patterns. It is very sturdy and is not susceptible to degrading over time. In fact, many ancient structures, particularly in Rome, remain standing today, thousands of years later. In addition to giving your home a financial and aesthetic value that can't be beat, marble when properly taken care of, can be assured to last longer than even the foundation of the home itself.
Marble is a stone which requires little care. A coat of polish is usually more than enough to keep your surface clean and shinning, but there are certain precautions you can take to extend the pristine beauty of your stone. Marble can succumb to nicks and gouges so be sure to use a cutting board before using a sharp instrument near it. Polish is paramount as the minerals can be susceptible to staining if not properly coated. Do make sure when cleaning to use a soft cloth, as an abrasive cleaning surface may scratch an otherwise beautiful finish. Keeping these simple tips in mind will keep your marble tiles and counters looking beautiful for many years to come.
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